safetyOur Commitment

Each of our factories manufacture and design products benefiting the people who create them,as well as the people who use them. Our goal is to find the most effective and safe way to create those products while building a healthier planet for everyone.

  • QuietComfort believes being sustainable is more than maintaining our planet’s environment as it is today. It means creating products and implementing practices creating a better world for the people of today, and for our future generations.
  • Our production processes focus on Environmentally Friendly Components and use of Phthalate Free Products in certain components
  • Our Manufacturing Process is a Continuous Lamination. This process includes use of Post Industrial Recycling. Eliminating waste traveling to any dump site.
  • Many LEED Qualifications for our products
  • CA 1350 IAQ Maintaining products with the lowest VOC
  • Creating a Greener Future/Recycled and Recyclable Products
  • All products are tested with the most rigorous testing procedure to meet ASTM standards