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About Us

After years of experience and understanding what customers were searching for in flooring products, QuietComfort was developed in 2010. Our goal was to link innovative global manufacturers and global customers with quality flooring products specific to the product specifications and designs to meet their needs.  The QuietComfort website was developed to bring you information about luxury vinyl and other flooring products, so you can make the best buying decision for your project.

QuietComfort has developed strong relationships with quality manufacturers of multiple hard-surface products. These relationships allow us to bring you the “best of the best” in quality, consistency and innovation of resilient and other hard surface products for you.

Since 2010 QuietComfort, along with its partnered manufacturers, have sold over 400 Million sqft. of the highest quality resilient products, globally. We are continuing to expand our team of associates and manufacturing partners, focused on delivering quality products. With average lead times out-performing the industry expectations, it would be our pleasure to have you take advantage of our capabilities for your business.

We’ve traveled globally, even before the formation of our company, reviewing on-site manufacturing processes, quality control, and design capabilities of numerous LVT, Sheet Vinyl Rigid Vinyl Plank and WPC factories. Over 50 visits have been made in the past 6 years to these factories, with the most innovative and quality-driven principles, to bring new products to the North American marketplace.

Most recently, we located a unique manufacturer of Advanced WaterProof Core/Rigid Vinyl Plank. No wood filler, bamboo dust, rice or wheat is used in the manufacturing of the core, providing 3X the density and indentation resistance. The design and wear-layer are unlike any product in the market place providing one of the most durable, moisture resistant flooring products ever manufactured.

QuietComfort can provide a range of products, from a small project in homes to large commercial projects.

Our Team

Curt Robinson in Raleigh, NC
New Business Development

When we started QuietComfort, the goal was to link innovative global manufacturers with global customers. After 30+ years in the flooring industry, I recognized the need to provide unique products to brands, distributors and end-users with an ease of doing business. Since the formation of our company, we’ve developed quality flooring products specific to the product and design needs of commercial and residential consumers in North America at an unprecedented value.

We understand what the marketplace is asking for. The QuietComfort Team with our partnered manufacturers have imported over 500 Million square feet of the highest quality resilient products into North America.

Aside from my passion for business, people ask me what my hobbies are or what do I really enjoy. Most important to me is spending time with my wife and business partner, Candace. We both enjoy the energy of our Australian Shepard, relaxing at home, lake and beach. I like golf (although I haven’t played much in the past few years). We like to interact with new friends and acquaintances, understanding their diverse backgrounds, why they live where they live and work where they work and…. what makes them smile (usually, it is a story or a memory about family, hobby or their favorite pet).

I hope you will feel connected with QuietComfort and our team. If there is anything I can do to answer a question or concern, please contact me.

Oh Young Hur-South Korea
Director of Global Sourcing

My name is Oh Young Hur and I live in Seoul, South Korea.
I have been in the flooring industry for more than 25 years and currently I’m working as the Director of Global Sourcing at QuietComfort.

My goal is to source and provide high quality and innovative products to valuable customers based on my knowledge and sales experience. Flooring such as LVT, Sheet Vinyl, Rubber Tile, WPC, ESD, etc., are some of the most exciting and innovative products in the Global Marketplace. Moreover, I use my knowledge and best efforts in developing eco-friendly, sound-proof and cost-saving products with our factories.

Seoul is surrounded by mountains and gives us many choices to enjoy ourselves. I usually go for a long walks and hikes with my wife, who helps me to select wonderful surroundings and inspiration for designs.I enjoy traveling and discovering new places to experience. If you want something new and innovative, please find it at QuietComfort.